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Forage (forage) cereals are the basis of the diet in many livestock sectors. Among the grain fodder, oats occupy a special place - a valuable plant food that provides good growth dynamics. Herbivores, due to its introduction into the diet, significantly increase the consumption of starch (by 45%) and protein (by 12%). Due to the huge benefits, oats should definitely be introduced into the diet of young animals. To improve the nutritional value, it is allowed (no more than 15%) to dilute it with other grains. So, its naked modification is recognized as a more valuable product due to the greater amount of starch, protein, fats. The dietary fine-grained starch included in its composition turns the feed into such, which significantly increases the amount of natural growth and milk yield.

Calorie content and composition

Satisfying the natural needs of animals for nutrients, feed oats have a reference energy value. For one calculated abstract feed unit, such an amount is taken, with the use of which the increase in herbivores is 150 g of fat. Following the formula for general energy nutrition: 1 kg of grain feed oats = 1 feed unit.

In turn, this amount is equal to 3160 - 3510 kcal, and also contains:
Fat - 9.54%;
Dietary fiber - 60%;
Carbohydrates - 43.05%;
Water - 0.53% ;
Proteins — 12.2%.

The main value of oats are also vitamins, macronutrients, microelements, digestible carbohydrates, amino acids, fatty acids. Being filmy or naked, feed oats can have a different composition of the main nutrients.

The Altai Agrosoyuz company offers to buy fodder oats in bulk. The organization provides favorable prices for products. It guarantees high quality grain and provides the necessary accompanying GOST certificates for oats.

Area of ​​application of feed oats

Forage oats are a valuable grain crop. The cereal is used as a concentrated feed for farm animals, herbivorous artiodactyls, and birds. Oats reduce the development of rickets in young cattle and have a positive effect on the reproductive functions of all types of cattle. It also improves the quality of egg embryos in birds and promotes the rapid hatching of chicks in incubator conditions. In cooking, forage oats can be used to prepare dietary products, jelly, flour or malt.

Physico-chemical properties of oats

Forage oats are long, thin grains. It has a pear-shaped shape and is distinguished by a characteristic longitudinal groove. The length of the oat grain varies from 8 to 16 mm (depending on the variety). When properly harvested and dried, the grain has a pleasant light color and does not have a musty odor. Oats have a unique composition. In terms of its nutritional properties, it is much richer than wheat. Feed oats contain:

  • 40% starch;
  • 25% fiber;
  • 20% protein;
  • 10% fat;
  • 5% protein and other nutrients.

Forage oats are rich in compounds of phosphorus, calcium, iron and B vitamins. It contains the necessary essential amino acids, tryptophan, lysine, arginine, etc. Properties like these make oats an indispensable product on the farm. It is often used in breeding large and small cattle, pigs, and horses. For laying birds, geese, and ducks, oats are used as a valuable food additive.

Buying feed oats in bulk

You can place an order for feed oats from the Altai Agrosoyuz company by calling phone number or through the online form on the website. The organization accepts applications for grain from legal entities/individuals and supports any type of payment. You can buy fodder oats from the company in bulk with pick-up or delivery, having previously agreed on the option of receiving the goods with the store manager. Before placing an order, customers can receive detailed advice from a company representative. Experts will tell you about all the beneficial properties of oats and help you place an order.

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