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Oatmeal is obtained from oats, which are processed in a special way. The result of processing is not crushed or flattened, having a grayish-beige color, which may vary depending on the circumstances.

Oatmeal is made from whole grains, and unlike the same Hercules, it contains more useful substances. In particular, it contains twice as much calcium and fiber, and three times more potassium than in Hercules, and there are less carbohydrates and starch, respectively. That is why oatmeal is an indispensable element of a healthy daily diet. You can cook porridges, different types of soups, side dishes, casseroles from it, which will help diversify the diet and make it more healthy and balanced.

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Calorie content and composition

100 grams of oatmeal contains 342 kcal. Carbohydrates per 100 g - 59.5 g, fat - 6.1 g, and proteins - 12.3 g.

Oatmeal contains many vitamins, valuable trace elements and natural antioxidants that help the body resist negative external influences. The methionine included in its composition normalizes the activity of the nervous system, a large amount of calcium and phosphorus strengthens bone tissue, and the iron contained in it makes it an important part of the diet of people suffering from anemia.

Oatmeal is a product that should be regularly on the table for everyone who has problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Due to the presence of a large amount of fiber, as well as proven anti-inflammatory and enveloping properties, it relieves pain, helps with bloating, cleanses the intestines and reduces the risk of gastritis and ulcers. At the same time, oatmeal is an easily digestible product, which means it allows you to control weight, eliminating hunger for a long time.

Oatmeal contains a unique substance beta-glucan, which lowers the amount of bad cholesterol and also helps reduce blood sugar.

Uncrushed oatmeal is an easily digestible product that not only relieves hunger for a long time, but also allows you to control weight. This cereal should be regularly included in the diet of anyone who has any problems with the gastrointestinal tract. In particular, oatmeal, due to the presence of a sufficient amount of fiber and proven enveloping, anti-inflammatory properties, cleanses the intestines, relieves pain symptoms, helps with bloating, and also reduces the risk of ulcers and gastritis.

What to look for when choosing oatmeal wholesale

Unlike the same “Oatmeal cereal”, whole oatmeal is made from whole grains. This product is rich in many vitamins, beneficial microelements and natural antioxidants that help the body resist various negative external factors.

When ordering whole oatmeal in bulk, you should definitely consider:

  • flowability - if the cereal is stored correctly, there will be no moisture in it and, therefore, the grains will not stick together;
  • integrity of the flakes - the smaller the number of flakes that are damaged, the higher the quality of grain processing;
  • absence of small insects and pests - depends on storage conditions and production technologies used;
  • shelf life is counted not from the date of packaging of the product, but from the date of its production.

Buy uncrushed oatmeal in bulk from AltaiAgroSoyuz

Our company has many years of experience (more than 20 years) in the successful production of oatmeal of consistently high quality. We use advanced technologies both during sowing of grain, its cultivation, and during its processing. Why is it always beneficial to cooperate with AltaiAgroSoyuz:

  • if necessary, you have the opportunity not only to view samples of cereals, but also to visit the production;
  • the company’s well-established logistics work both throughout the Russian Federation and for export;
  • the terms of the contract are negotiated individually with each client;
  • always affordable prices without unnecessary markups.

To order the required batch of oatmeal (uncrushed cereal, oat flakes) in bulk, you just need to fill out an online application or call +7 (3852) 200-334. We are waiting for you!

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