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The product of barley processing, flourka, differs in a large amount of nutrients. Given the correct grain processing technology, the fodder meal completely retains all the mineral elements of the feedstock, therefore it is well suited for animal feed.

Thanks to this diet, the digestive system of livestock is normalized, muscle mass growth is accelerated, and animals remain full. Especially such bran is suitable for farms where pigs and cattle are raised. The processed mass contains a lot of protein, starch, phosphorus and fiber, which is especially appreciated for the preparation of animal feed. That is why farmers are trying to buy fodder flour based on the number of available livestock.

Calorie content and composition

As for nutritional properties, barley bran differs significantly from buckwheat waste in this parameter. And given that the by-product is obtained in the process of sorting and further processing of grains or in the manufacture of cereals, then this mass includes:

  • particles of the grains themselves;
  • seed shells;
  • fruit peel.

All of the above elements significantly enhance the necessary nutritional properties of the mixture. Moreover, compound feed can be coarse and finely ground, which directly affects the nutritional value of the mass. If the meal is coarse, then it has a lower energy value - the bulk of the nutrients were extracted from the grain into fodder flour or cereals. Therefore, such animal feed is poured in large volumes.

Much less fine grinding is required, which is taken into account when feeding ruminants properly. Moreover, the mass can be given in dry form or prepare a talker. At the same time, they adhere to the volume of compound feeds that are recommended when replacing natural grain.

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