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Peas are a useful and nutritious component that must be present in the diet of people and animals. In the diet of chickens, sheep, pigs, cows and other fattening livestock, pea flour usually supplements other cereals. It is obtained by processing waste, which is obtained by splitting pea grains during screening. The products are environmentally friendly, they are not subjected to additional processing or preservatives, and do not contain artificial food additives. This makes pea flour a valuable feed product.

Calorie content and composition

High-quality pea flour should be yellow, white or greenish in color with inclusions, the presence of which is explained by the ingress of small particles of husks or chaff into the compound feed. Smell is also an important indicator of product quality. It should not have signs of mold, mustiness or "suffocated" cereals. The detection of such odors is an occasion for a thorough inspection of the product for its good quality and the presence of pests. Usually, such flour is not allowed for sale, since the most serious attention is paid to quality control in production.

The taste of pea flour should be fresh, without a special aftertaste, like other cereals and their waste. It should not be sour or bitter. Pea flour in any form contains valuable nutrients such as crude protein and crude fiber. They ensure the development of good muscle mass in the animal. Raw ash contained in the flour impurity helps to cleanse the body of the animal, which ultimately affects the health of the person who consumes such meat.

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