Sales/Purchasing Manager (legumes)

Sales/Purchasing Manager (legumes)
Цена: уточняйте

Salary: 30,000 ₽ + remuneration based on work results


  • Sale/purchase (lentils, peas);
  • Analysis, market monitoring;
  • Active search and attraction of clients;
  • Conclusion of contracts;
  • Sampling, shipment control;
  • Document management, transaction support at all stages


  • Experience in purchasing/selling legumes is preferred


  • ​Official employment;
  • Salary: salary 30,000 rub. + remuneration based on work results;
  • Working hours from Mon. on Friday, from 8.00 to 17.00;
  • Mobile compensation
Workplace address
Barnaul, Traktovaya, 23
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