Minister of Agriculture and Food Maxim Chekusov held a meeting with the heads of Omsk elevators and grain receiving enterprises. It was about developing capacities for storing intervention grain.

In addition to entrepreneurs, the meeting was also attended by representatives of the Rosselkhoznadzor, the Main Veterinary Department of the Omsk Region, the Omsk Agency for Branded Transport Services, the Center for Grain Quality Assessment, etc.

Recall that in the Omsk region there are 34 large organizations involved in the acceptance, storage and processing of grain (elevators, grain-receiving enterprises, granaries) with a one-time storage capacity of more than 1.9 million tons. Also, in the farms of commodity producers and peasant farms of the region there are granaries and warehouses with a capacity of less than 10 thousand tons. Their total capacity is over 2 million tons. In general, in the Omsk region, the volume of available grain storage capacities is about 4 million tons.

Thanks to good grain prices, Omsk commodity producers are taking an active part in grain interventions this year. According to the Center for Grain Quality Assessment, as of November 26, elevators and grain receiving enterprises accepted more than 900,000 tons of grain, including 233,000 tons of intervention grain, for storage. Since the region has quite serious grain storage capacities, according to Maxim Chekusov, it is necessary to further modernize and develop elevators and grain receiving enterprises so that as much state-owned grain as possible is stored in the region. Moreover, 30% of the total Russian volume of grain reserves of the intervention fund was formed at the expense of agricultural producers in the Omsk region.

—We are planning to increase capacities for storing state grain reserves in the region," said Maxim Chekusov.

Let's add that the agricultural enterprises of the region have sold 268 thousand tons of grain to the amount of more than 2.7 billion rubles. According to the information of United Grain Company OJSC, the payment for grain sold by Omsk commodity producers was made in full.

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