On May 10, sowing work will begin in Buryatia. This year, the total area to be sown in the republic will be 166,000 hectares. As the First Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Republic Petr Brykov said during the traditional government briefing, today only 43% of conditioned seeds are ready for sowing in Buryatia.

Last year, the region faced a severe drought, which resulted in the write-off of more than 70 percent of the seeds of grain and fodder crops. Half of the seeds lay in the ground until the summer rainfall and sprouted only after the rain. As a result, the harvesting facilities of the republic faced the problem of weediness in the fields - when, along with already ripe cereals, harvesters had to deal with green young plants. This and the autumn rains dragged out the harvest.

- This is a systemic issue, it depends not only on the quality of seed treatment, but also on the technology itself. Also, our seed-cleaning equipment is morally and physically obsolete. Programs for the purchase of agricultural machinery have been prepared in Buryatia, several farms purchased new equipment last year.

The seeds will be brought up to sowing standards by seed cleaning equipment and the purchase of missing seeds. It is planned to complete this work by the end of April.


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