Third, but not least, gets couscous. This porridge also consists of millet, but the process of preparing cereals is very specific. Semolina is carefully and painstakingly rolled up in salt water. The process is quite difficult, requiring perseverance, but the amazing taste of porridge justifies the labor costs.

Another amazing feature of couscous is its ability to soak up sauces. If you intend to cook couscous, cook it over a skillet or cauldron with stewing meat. We guarantee that the taste of cereals will make you and your loved ones forever “settle” couscous in your home diet.

Increasingly, on the shelves of supermarkets you can find cereals with an outlandish name - "spelled". She did not gain special popularity in Russia, but in vain! Spelled is made from a unique variety of wheat - spelled. Spelled is a variety of semi-wild wheat. What is its feature? Such wheat does not grow on polluted lands and does not accept mineral fertilizers, which means that spelled is a completely ecological product.

For fans of diets, spelt should also appear in the diet. The low content of gluten does not cause gluten allergy, nor is it deposited on the thighs.

We hope that the information was useful to you!

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