Buckwheat, oatmeal, pearl barley, millet, semolina. And what do we know about other, "atypical" cereals? What are they needed for? What is their use? Let's try to figure it out together.

It's nice that cereal producers are trying to surprise a tired customer, and now, next to a standard set of cereals, we can find something really unusual.

First on our list is bulgur. An interesting name for an interesting grain. Bulgur is made from wheat grains. Many readers will now call bulgur a “brother” of white bread, deciding that it will negatively affect a slim figure. And they will be wrong. Bulgur is obtained from durum wheat, which is steamed, dried, peeled and crushed. The long preparation process provides the porridge with an incredible aroma and taste of the product.

Quinoa is a very exotic cereal and, according to scientists, its fruits can be attributed to fruits rather than legumes. In ancient times, quinoa was called the "golden cereal", which was explained by the high price for a small portion. Such an unheard-of high cost was simply explained: quinoa porridge provided incredible help to those who used it. Rich in amino acids, vitamins - an extremely rare occurrence among cereals.

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