Have you ever heard of amaranth? Amaranth is a plant with a wide range of beneficial properties. Cosmetics and food products are made from the plant of the same name.

An interesting fact - scientists consider amaranth one of the plants claiming the title of "plant of the century". And indeed, for decades, biologists and chemists have thoroughly studied the properties of amaranth.

The history of amaranth groats dates back to the Aztec tribe. Amaranth porridge was fed to newborns so that they would gain strength and grow faster. Groats were cooked by militant tribes when they had to linger on campaigns for a long time. Amaranth gave strength and vigor to warriors.

Of course, today we are not talking about campaigns and wars for a long time, however, the benefits of such an unusual porridge are still undeniable. Thanks to the regular use of such porridge, it is possible to significantly reduce cholesterol and help the body with obesity.

People suffering from various skin diseases are advised to consume products with the addition of amaranth weekly.

Containing lysine, vitamin E, as well as protein and riboflamin, amaranth is indispensable in autumn and winter, as it helps the immune system to resist even the most severe viruses.

It is very difficult for people of Soviet hardening to imagine amaranth porridge on store shelves. But, fortunately, the future has come, which means that you can easily find porridge on store shelves.

Moreover, the sale of unique cereals has become a profitable business. Thousands of restaurants offer dishes made from "unusual" cereals.

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