Khakassia is actively preparing for the sowing campaign

This year, local farmers prepared feed with a large margin. Reserves have been created in Ust-Abakansky, Bogradsky and Shirinsky districts. We managed to survive the winter without loss. Moreover, the number of livestock has increased significantly compared to last year. All this made it possible to maintain a low pricing policy in the region.


—Today, the price of meat in Khakassia is one of the lowest in the Siberian Federal District. I'm talking about lamb, pork, beef. And most importantly, our meat is environmentally friendly, which we are especially proud of.

The Republic is getting ready for the sowing season. 16 thousand tons of seeds are being tested for quality. For the first time in a long time, elite varieties of seeds will be bred in Khakassia, which previously had to be purchased in other regions of the country. By the way, a whole association called “Grain Product” has been created in the republic. It includes the largest farms in the region. The new association will help local farmers enter the global market. In particular, Mongolia and China said they were ready to buy grain in Khakassia, as it has a high gluten content.

The Zernoproduct Association was created on the basis of the Shirinsky elevator. The company, which not so long ago went through bankruptcy, managed to be saved. Now it is planned to build a feed mill in its place. According to calculations, it should be put into operation in 2018. Estimated productivity is up to 15 thousand tons of products per year. The head of the region gave a number of instructions to the relevant ministry to prepare the agro-industrial complex of the republic for the new agricultural season. The tasks facing the villagers of Khakassia this year are more than ever.

Republican Television Network

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