On November 8, Klyuchevsky Elevator, which, due to financial problems of the entire holding of deputy Yuri Titov, was idle for more than six months, production was again launched. Now the mill produces flour of the first and highest grades, as well as semolina under the former trademark "Glorious Altai". On the first day of work, about 500 tons of products were produced, according to the regional newspaper Stepnoy Mayak.

Evgeny Bogunov, assistant external manager of Klyuchevsky Elevator:

- It is still problematic to start the mill for a permanent mode of operation. And the point here is not the available stocks of stored grain or the availability of working capital to work smoothly, but the demand. To date, ns has no regular customers yet. We will be able to decide how to work to enter the market within the next three months. But we were encouraged by the results of the test run of the mill. The first batch of flour was all sold.

In the near future, the mill will work for ten working days in a row with a break of five days. According to the assistant external manager, the staff here is almost fully staffed.

Recall that the information that production could be resumed at Klyuchevsky Elevator appeared at the end of September. Then it was about the beginning of the work of the grain shop. However, there is still no official confirmation that this happened.

Also, earlier, an altapress.ru source in the administration of the Altai Territory reported that a new team of managers came to the Klyuchevskoy Elevator, representing the interests of Rosselkhozbank, the main creditor of the elevator. Now Evgeny Levanchuk is listed as First Deputy General Director. He is the head of the Klyuchevsky district. In 2015, he was convicted for non-payment of 11 million rubles in taxes as the head of the Zapadnoye livestock complex, which, together with the Klyuchevsky Elevator, is part of one agricultural holding. The court imposed a fine of 200 thousand rubles on the citizen. In connection with the amnesty, he was released from punishment in the courtroom.


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