In the Altai Territory, during November, the purchase prices for flour decreased by 5-10%. The reason is that large volumes of products entered the market, Interfax reports.

Oleg Novikov, General Director of the Korotoyaksky Elevator (part of the Grana-Khabary enterprise), said that grain processors purchased large volumes of grain. Now finished products have entered the market in excess, which has led to a decrease in flour prices. First of all, gray varieties fell in price.

Novikov believes that purchase prices have bottomed out. If they fall further, then grain processors will receive zero profitability. There will be no serious price increase either, since this year, due to a good harvest, there is no shortage of raw materials in the region.

“We believe that this season there should not be a sharp increase in grain prices. Otherwise, this will lead to an increase in prices for flour, for bakery products, which in today's conditions of declining incomes of the population will be wrong,” Oleg Novikov believes.


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