Last year, Russia supplied 450,000 grain legumes to China, and next year it is planned to increase supplies, the Ministry of Agriculture said. Wheat deliveries from the Russian Federation to China will actively begin next agricultural year, when Russia provides separate storage of grain, Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Sergey Levin told reporters. “Grain deliveries to China are going on, they are going actively, last year 450,000 grain legumes were supplied, but this is mainly soybeans and corn, but not wheat. Wheat, within the framework of border trade, the first deliveries begin, ”said Levin. “And since we are allowed to supply only spring wheat, they will only go actively from next year, when we provide separate storage of grain,” Levin said. “We do not attach such importance to the storage of grain — spring or winter, but for them (the Chinese side) it has some significance,” the deputy minister explained. The head of the ministry, Alexander Tkachev, clarified: “Therefore, only next year, when we get a new crop, we will be able to store grain separately, under China.” On December 17, 2015, Russia and China signed protocols on phytosanitary requirements for wheat, corn, rice, soybeans and rapeseed exported from Russia to China. China allowed the supply of wheat grown in the Altai and Krasnoyarsk Territories, as well as in the Novosibirsk and Omsk Regions.

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