This year, the trade and economic mission to China has become the most productive The delegation of the region, which included representatives of 17 Omsk companies, met with the leaders of the government of Manchuria, visited the exchange of contacts with the participation of more than 100 Chinese companies, the international logistics center, as well as the economic zone development of Manchuria, a checkpoint, a NATA food production plant and a greenhouse, the press service of the mayor's office reports. In total, contracts were signed for a total amount of about 10 million US dollars, including: for the supply of plywood logs, oil flax, rapeseed, grain, corn, mustard, milling products, confectionery and vegetable oil to China.

At present, deliveries to China have already begun. In particular, a wagon of a trial batch of oil flax was shipped. In April, trial batches with an approximate volume of more than 1.5 thousand tons will be delivered: oil flax (Izmailovskoe LLC), vegetable oils (IP Antsiperovich) and confectionery products produced by the Sibirskaya Squirrel and Sladunitsa factories. In addition, during the mission, an agreement was signed with the Chinese company FATA on the supply of Russian food products for supermarkets in Manchuria.

A trial batch of 60 tons of products will be shipped in April. In the multifunctional center under construction in Manchuria, Omsk residents were offered to use the space for mini-bakeries, confectionery, jewelry stores to sell Russian goods, as well as open leisure centers for Russian culture. According to Gulnar AITKHOZHINA, Director of the Department of Urban Economic Policy of the City Hall, there was also a proposal for cooperation between Omsk State Technical University and Jiangsu Pedagogical University of Inner Mongolia to hold mutual table tennis competitions in both cities and exchange sports youth teams. In addition, the issue of creating an Omsk-Chinese Center for Entrepreneurial Communications was raised.

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