Last week, the National Wheat Growers Association and the Board of Directors of the American Wheat Association supported the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement, designed to protect the interests of American wheat producers and increase their competitiveness in the Asia-Pacific region.

American farmers should support the TPP agreement, said Brian O'Toole, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the American Wheat Association. Every year, the United States exports up to half of all wheat grown, the price of which largely depends on the demand for grain.

The TPP agreement will help create a level playing field, develop the economies of the Asia-Pacific region, and stimulate demand for American wheat and other American agricultural exports, said Brian O'Toole.

By opening up new opportunities and prospects for US wheat to move into Pacific markets, the TPP agreement lays the groundwork for future trade agreements, said Brett Blankenship, President of the National Wheat Growers Association. The National Wheat Growers Association looks forward to the early ratification of this agreement in the US Congress and encourages other countries to join the TPP.

U. S. Wheat Associates

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