We all know from childhood how useful Hercules oatmeal is. Even when we were about 5-7, grandmother or mother fed us porridge, saying “Eat porridge, you will become a hero (or beauty). But why exactly from this porridge you can gain strength and become healthy?

Undoubtedly, every educated person knows who the ancient Greek hero Hercules was. The son of the mighty Zeus, who accomplished 12 feats that went down in history. Moreover, the phrase "the feat of Hercules" has become a household word for complex, almost impossible cases. But how is healthy porridge connected with the name of the hero of legends and legends?

Oddly enough, the name of oatmeal was given in the USSR. Then steamed cereal was sold in a package that depicted a strong child with a spoonful of porridge. Such a porridge had a characteristic name - Hercules. It was assumed that the use of oatmeal porridge would give a person heroic strength. So, all the residents of the union, who decided to make their breakfast tasty and healthy, bought Hercules oatmeal.

And yet, why exactly from oatmeal can you become stronger? Hercules is a source of complex carbohydrates that are slowly digested. Such carbohydrates allow you to maintain a feeling of satiety for a long time, which is especially important for those who closely monitor their weight.

It will also be pleasant for everyone that oatmeal porridge is an excellent source of proteins and vitamins. Perfect hair, teeth and nails - that's what makes many people love Hercules with all their heart.

So it turns out that at a relatively low price, Hercules porridge has a maximum of beneficial properties for health and beauty. Stay healthy!

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