And indeed, the content of antioxidants in it is 4 times higher than in any other cereal. But let's take a closer look at this healthy porridge.

By variety, barley porridge is divided into:

After assembly and washing, the grits are polished as many as 6 times to completely clean the barley grain from the husk and other unnecessary substances. The advantage of such processing will also be that the cereal is cooked many times faster.

The next step will be instructions for which dishes this or that type of cereal is suitable for.

Ordinary cereals that have undergone primary processing are popularly called pearl barley. Barley - grain that has undergone primary hauling, from which the upper grain particles have been removed. By the way, one of the favorite dishes of everyone who watches their figure is obtained from the upper particles - bran. The grains themselves are ideal for cereals, soups and various fillings.

Small barley groats resemble semolina in consistency, which makes it indispensable in cooking for people with problems with the gastrointestinal tract. The small size of the nucleoli allows the preparation of a liquid, easily digestible slurry. And if you are well acquainted with the traditions of the Orthodox Church, then you probably know that chopped barley kernels are perfect for making koliva.

The Dutch has a more delicate texture. No, it's not about the oven. This is the name of the grain, completely freed from the awn (bran). The small size of the grains allows the porridge to cook many times faster; for a children's diet, the airy structure of the Dutch will come in handy.

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