Each farmer can tell in detail about all the difficulties that he had to overcome when he was just starting to acquire a farm. In addition to purchasing various equipment for livestock (and for life in general), it was necessary to hire competent professionals and, of course, purchase livestock.

And now, having received animals that will bring a stable income, the farmer asks himself the question: what can I do to make the farm better? The first thing that comes to mind is improved nutrition for the rapid growth of livestock.

How to distinguish quality food? This question does not lose relevance every year, because everyone knows the unwritten rule: good feed will make good livestock. Compound feed should be healthy, contain proteins, fiber and other nutrients. Of course, only one element, for example, fodder meal or feed grain, cannot perform all functions at once.

Experienced farmers believe that feed should be selected individually, depending on the animal and its age. So, for feeding young piglets, a combination of feed grain and rye meal is recommended.

High-quality compound feed should contain cereal processing products, dietary fiber, flower film, which will be carefully crushed in advance.

An important rule: cereals and other animal feed products should only be purchased if the manufacturer provides veterinary certificates. A scrupulous reading of all accompanying documents will not only help to raise healthy cattle, which will give excellent offspring in the future.

There is a common misconception that buying pet food from a manufacturer will cost many times more than buying from a supplier. Producer prices are often much lower than market prices, however, enterprising suppliers try to hide this information.

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