Krupa is an indispensable product on the Russian table. Russia is rich in harvest, so we have the opportunity to eat buckwheat, corn, barley, oatmeal and many other tasty and healthy cereals. But what path should cereals take to get to our table?

The first stage is collection. The industrious hands of collective farm workers are no longer needed to collect cereals, everything will be done by machinery. The only thing that is required of a person is to operate a grain harvester. Usually, several machines are working on the same field in the engine sweat, which greatly simplifies the collection process.

Next is sifting. Groats are cleaned of small impurities, sand, debris, foreign objects and grains unsuitable for food. A special sieve is used for sifting. The sieve holes are selected in such a way that the nucleoli pass through them, and small debris remains inside. By the way, semolina must be sifted twice. The first time - through a fine sieve to rid the cereal of impurities, the second - through a larger one to clear lumps.

The third stage is washing. No one wants to eat even sifted, but dirty porridge, right? The groats are washed two or three times so that the "unnecessary" particles freely float to the surface. The workshop workers mix the cereal with a spoon or spatula throughout the entire washing process. The washed cereal falls into a sieve or colander. An interesting fact: rice, millet and pearl barley are washed a little differently. First, the cereals are washed at a temperature of 30 - 40 degrees, then - 50-60 degrees. This technology ensures the absence of bitterness when washing.

Last step: drying. Now, clean inside and outside, the cereal should dry out. To do this, it is placed in an oven, where it is stored for some time.

If we are talking about legumes - peas, lentils, then after washing the cereals are usually soaked.

And now, we are in the packaging shop. There, delicious porridge is weighed and poured into a special package. Each package undergoes quality control: the integrity of the package, the absence of specks and defects are checked. Groats producers carefully monitor the quality of their products, therefore, every year quality control operations become more stringent. No wonder, because every manufacturer wants his product to become the decoration of your table. Bon appetit!

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