If we analyze the trade data, then in Russia the export of bulk cereals occupies a leading position. And in Ukraine, on the contrary, the export of oatmeal has decreased. Every year, the dynamics of exports is deteriorating. The total amount of cereals produced is falling. In particular, even split peas for export have become less popular. All oatmeal is purchased in bulk in other countries. Therefore, it is more important for Ukraine to carry out imports than exports.

Of all the former countries of the Soviet Union, Russia is mainly engaged in the export of bulk cereals. There will be no exception for split peas prepared for export. Unfortunately, rice groats are not doing as well as oatmeal exports. But, as you know, rice cereals and rice itself are almost never grown in Russia. It mainly comes from Egypt, Pakistan, India and Vietnam. Is it better to export oatmeal in bulk than to import rice-based cereals? Indeed, in the first case, money is earned, not spent.

Since we have warm regions, Russia should seriously think about establishing the production of rice and its export to the colder countries of Europe. Then it will be possible to engage in the export of bulk cereals more actively, in order to speak about it as fully as about the export of oatmeal, which is very common in Russia. This is important, because we buy oatmeal in bulk, and we need rice groats ourselves.

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