No, we are not talking about the petty name for flour. Flour is a by-product obtained during the processing of cereals. Its main value is its high content of nutrients: protein, fats, fiber.

The main purpose (as the name implies) of fodder flour is to feed animals and birds of all kinds. The composition of the product includes particles of a mealy kernel, seed and fruit coats, partly - grain germs, as well as a small amount of flower film. These components make flourka an indispensable source of livestock nutrition.

The by-product of the cereal industry is divided into several types:

  1. pea flour
  2. barley meal
  3. wheat
  4. rye
  5. oatmeal
  6. millet
  7. corn
  8. buckwheat
  9. rice

Now, a few words about the benefits and useful properties of each type.

Wheat flour consists of by-products of millet processing, wheat flour is the leader in terms of protein, which allows it to become a valuable source of nutrition for all types of livestock, but millet flour is especially good for feeding cows and other ruminants.

Rye flour is rich in pectins and hemicellulose. The normal functioning of the digestive system is impossible without these elements.

Oatmeal is most often used as the main element of compound feed, which is why it becomes the main component in the diet of young animals and horses. However, flour should be introduced into the diet of young animals gradually - in the first year of life, the content of flour in the diet should not exceed 5%.

Barley is ideal for fattening pigs and piglets.

Millet flour is a giant that contains the largest amount of flower film. This property provides muchka with a lot of fiber, which is indispensable for the normal growth and development of animals.

Corn flour is obtained by processing corn kernels and consists of the remains of the kernel.

Fodder flour made from buckwheat nucleoli, as well as pea and rice meal, contain a large number of hard-to-digest elements, as a result of which the introduction of feed into the diet is limited.

The torch we are implementing:

Pea flour

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Barley meal

(packing 25 kg)

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