Uncrushed oatmeal has long been a leader among the favorite cereals of all mankind. In the UK, oatmeal is recognized as the queen of traditional English breakfasts. In Europe, oatmeal is eaten by everyone who is fond of healthy eating and tries to balance their daily diet. The benefits of oatmeal for dietary nutrition are enormous. Oatmeal contains an increased percentage of natural natural antioxidants.

Oatmeal can be of several types. Whole oatmeal is made from oats that have been cleaned and polished. There is uncrushed oatmeal of the highest grade, which is used for the production of Hercules instant flakes (NTV, for making muesli and baby food. Oatmeal is used to make the famous oatmeal cookies. The content of calcium, sodium, iron and zinc, vitamins B2, B1 - this is the main benefit of oatmeal.

Ancient people began to grow cereals hundreds of thousands of years ago. The first were wheat and barley, then oats became very popular. Not only cereals and flour are produced from oats, but Tolokno flour and oatmeal coffee are also made. Russia, including the Altai Territory, is the main supplier of non-crushed oatmeal and Hercules oatmeal flakes. The highest quality food oats grow in Altai fields. You should start every day with a bowl of oatmeal. All products made from oat grains effectively lower cholesterol levels.

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