Pearl groats - the "branded" army symbol of the Soviet era, made it possible to perform difficult soldier's work. Students of educational institutions and pupils of pioneer camps were well acquainted with her. There was a kind of attitude towards her. They joked about it, calling it “horse rice” or “tarpaulin porridge”, but public catering could not do without pearl barley. There were many reasons for this

A well of health

Barley, from the grains of which pearl barley is produced, stands apart among the cereals grown in Russia. According to the microelement composition, barley grains include all known vitamins of groups: A, B, D, PP, E. Rich in trace elements:

The most valuable component contained in pearl barley is lysine, an amino acid involved in protein synthesis and normalization of metabolic processes in the skin. It is he who contributes to the improvement of the epithelium, restoring elasticity and smoothness. Smoothes wrinkles and gives the skin a healthy, blooming look.

According to the ratio of protein, carbohydrates and fats, pearl barley belongs to the category of dietary ones. Contains 73.7% carbohydrates, most of which are coarse fiber, which improves the functioning of the body. A very small amount of fat - 1.1%. Due to this composition, it has a low calorie content - 320 Kcal / 100 grams, and can be recommended as a diet food for people seeking to normalize body weight.

Culinary station wagon

The most famous pearl barley dish is porridge. Hard, elastic, requiring work with jaws for chewing. With a slight nutty flavor when boiled in water. Barley is also an indispensable component of pickles, dressing soups, which include flour products. She can replace rice, peas, beans, mung bean.

Not many people are familiar with pies in which well-boiled barley mixed with fried mushrooms, onions, or minced meat / chicken offal is used as a filling. This is a traditional Russian filling, which made it possible to significantly save expensive meat and bake pies during fasts, which were observed by most of the population.

On the table of a modern city dweller barley is not a frequent guest. Groats are underestimated due to the peculiarities of preparation and processing time. You need to cook it for a long time: an hour and a half, in order to get not hard grains that are poorly absorbed by the body, but a tasty product that melts in your mouth.

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