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Barley groats or pearl barley are specially processed barley grains. The specificity of production lies in repeated grinding and polishing of grains. After processing, the barley becomes a medium-sized light, light gray or yellowish color.

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Barley is a nutritious and high-calorie product. There are 320 kcal per 100 g of dry cereals. Like most cereals, pearl barley contains the most carbohydrates - 73.7% per 100 g of dry grain, 9.3 g of protein and a small amount of fat, in total - 1.1 g.

There are many elements important for the human body in barley: K, Ca, Fe, F, Cu and others, as well as vitamins A and D, H and E, B and PP. Also useful is the fiber it contains, which is necessary for normal bowel function. It is recommended for allergy sufferers to eat.

Barley porridge made from coarse-grained cereals is cooked for one and a half to two hours. But such a long cooking allows the porridge to swell and increase in size up to five times. Cooked porridge is crumbly, tasty, with a delicate nutty flavor. It perfectly combines with mushrooms and various herbs, it is delicious with meat and various poultry. It is used not only as a delicious porridge, but also as a filling for pies and pie, as a dressing for soups, such as pickle and various other dishes.

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