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Peas are obtained from shelled varieties. In peeling and grinding machines, part of the peas is split into cotyledons. When dispersed, they separate. To improve the presentation, they are sent for grinding, during which scratches are removed, the grits acquire a smooth surface. After polishing, the mass is sorted on a sieve into rounded kernels and flour. Peas for storage are sent to a separate bunker.

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Calorie content and composition

Due to the low fat content (1.5 g per 100 g of product), split peas are used in dietary dishes. Calorie content of 100 g of pea puree is 35.4 kcal. A long feeling of satiety is created by fiber (10.7 g), complex carbohydrates (48.1 g). A nutritious product with a low (35) glycemic index is useful for diabetes. Thanks to the content of nicotinic acid (7.2 mg per 100 g), the use of split peas helps to reduce bad cholesterol. The third part of the daily value of the vitamin is contained in 100 g of the product. In large quantities, the grain contains: biotin, potassium, thiamine, magnesium, choline, iron, zinc.

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